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pastors note

Pastor's Note

Pastor karen handy

Karen R. Handy

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From the desk of Reverend, Karen R. Handy
We have had too much of a good thing lately. Over the last few weeks we have had so much rain that water is standing in our fields and yards. The soil is saturated and the rivers are swollen. We have had too much of a
good thing.

I was reminded just how powerful that much water can be when we went to Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia this past weekend. I went as a child and liked the falls. I wanted to take my children so that they could
experience it. I had not thought about all the rain.

The day before we were to go someone commented that they heard that the falls were very full due to the rain they had received. It was true! The falls were full! The sound reminded you how powerful that water was falling. It was a beautiful sight. I could enjoy this wonder because I did not need to fear. There were railings all around us.
This prevented us from going where we should not go and kept us safe.

Water is life giving and a necessity to life. The Holy Bible is full of references to water. There are stories
of flooding waters and God's promise to never destroy the earth again by water (Genesis 6-9); parting waters (Exodus 14); saving waters (John 4); and healing waters (Revelation 22) just to name a few.

Sometimes in life we feel like that falls that is busting with water. It is coming at us from every direction. Life has a way of throwing things at us, doesn't it? We traveled to West Virginia to help celebrate a high school graduation. This young man has had many obstacles in his life. His mother died when he was young. He has lost
two grandparents as well. This is just a few of the things that he rose above. When life was pouring in on him, he kept afloat with the help of others. Like those guard rails that kept us safe, he had people in his life that helped him. They surrounded him and allowed him to thrive in the midst of the pain, sorrow, and struggles.

Is God calling you to be a guard rail for someone in the midst of a storm? Maybe you are in the storm and need that peace and comfort of another. The Holy Spirit is given to us to do just this! May the power of the Holy
Spirit be with you, leading and directing you. May the Spirit give you a peace in the midst of life!

Pastor Karen